Ed Suckling - Creative Team Lead


Great Yarmouth

June 2013

What is your current role?

Creative Team Lead

What do you do in your day-to-day role?

I manage the creative team in the production of animations, simulators, Virtual and Augmented Reality interactions, illustrations, and graphics. These are used in digital training courses, and as stand-alone projects, such as animated induction videos.

My day to day work involves a mixture of the hands-on creative work, combined with scheduling the team’s workload, quoting for projects, drawing storyboards, and liaising with clients.

What is your previous industry experience?

Before this I worked for many years as an animator. I was a character animator on the BBC TV show ‘The Adventures of Abney and Teal’, and worked on music videos and tour visuals for musicians such as Soulwax and Example.

What specific skills do you bring to enhance the delivery of digital training content?

One skill I’ve found very useful has been using camera angles to help tell a story when working on CG animations. When choosing which ‘shots’ to use – when to come close up, or be further away, front on or from an angle, you have to be quite careful not to confuse the viewer, and to create the right atmosphere for the material. We’ve worked on some CGI accident reconstructions where this has really come in handy.

Being able to draw using a tablet has also been useful in the early stages of production. When scoping out a project, being able to quickly draw digital roughs of what is being discussed can help make sure that both parties are in understanding. Correcting things at this stage is far quicker and cheaper than after production has begun.

What is your biggest achievement since working for Oilennium/Petrofac Training Services?

My biggest achievement has been to work on a series of CGI site inductions for a recent client. We were able to greatly increase the realism of our style by improving our texturing techniques and using newer rendering software, helping to bring the material to life. The clients were very pleased with the films, which will help newcomers to the sites and rigs stay safe and be aware of the surrounding hazards. It was very much a team effort, with fantastic work done by Nick Smith, and a very responsive client, and I feel proud to have been a part of it.

What sets Oilennium’s delivery of digital training content apart?

We’re able to offer training material for almost all needs and budgets. This includes immediately available courses from our large catalogue, as well as classroom material, custom-made courses, animations, posters and immersive interactions which can simulate real life procedures in the field. We have a thorough understanding of the material, as our in-house experts have spent years in the industry, and we’re passionate about making the material exciting, clear and easy to understand.