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Competency Management Services

Learning Competency software - SkillsVX

Our SkillsVX software maps and manages workforce competency for safety critical industries
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Unlocking competency through technology

Our training and competency solutions are underpinned by cutting-edge technology that helps us deliver an accelerated path to competency.

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Training Management Services

Training management services for the industry, by the industry
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Assuring competency through technology

We combine our rich training heritage, industry expertise and digital tools to offer differentiated learning and competency management solutions.

We use high-quality digital training content to drive efficiencies, ensure consistency of training material and enhance practical training experiences. Our learning and competency management software, SVX, is used to host our digital training content and, where needed, to deliver more complex mapping, management and tracking of workforce competency across regions, assets, organisations and shift patterns.

We also offer fully outsourced training management services , where we manage an organisations day-to-day training and certification needs, so that clients can secure the training they need, when they need it.

SkillsVX gives you the control to meet your training and competency KPI goals

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