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Emergency Response Service Centre

A first for Aberdeen

Launched in 2006, our Emergency Response Service Centre (ERSC) was an industry first. It provides emergency response facilities, solutions and support for multiple North Sea operators and for clients worldwide. 

We are the first emergency response provider in Aberdeen to receive ISO 22301 accreditation for business continuity structure, demonstrating our ability to support customers whilst undergoing our own incident. The centre is at a constant state of readiness in the event of any Business Continuity incident resulting in the ERSC being lost.

It provides:

  • 24/7 notification: providing assets worldwide with a line of communication, this includes onward notification to clients’ ‘on call’ representatives, mobilisation of client teams to the ERSC or own facility and ongoing liaison with supporting teams
  • Incident Management Team Response: trained personnel from the Onshore Incident Management Team (IMT) provide a coordinated response supported by robust procedures on and offshore. Experienced managers, safety advisors, logistics and people management personnel all support
  • Relative Response Team (RRT): Supporting and caring for those affected - and their Next of Kin - the RRT provides a point of telephone contact and a means of sharing confirmed information. Our RRT comprises a group of trained Petrofac volunteers who form part of the onshore emergency response team
  • Media Response Team (MRT): Managing incoming calls from the press and/or media agencies and issuing confirmed information in response, this role is managed on behalf of Petrofac by a global marketing communications agency who can provide MRT with one hour’s notification
  • Shetland Island Response: A 24/7 Responder Service for the Shetland Isles, this is an almost immediate reception service for personnel evacuated to the Shetland Isles. Available on an ‘on call’ basis, Petrofac will provide a swift response to fulfil a ‘Company Representative’ role to liaise and support our clients’ personnel

This anniversary (10 year anniversary of Petrofac’s ERSC) cements the trusted and dependable role that Petrofac holds within the industry.

Lord Cullen