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Three for FREE

Three courses for free

As we adapt to new ways of working, safety must remain a priority. To support our training community, we’ve released three of our most popular eLearning courses for free.

Whether you have just 30 minutes or an hour, we’ve selected courses with varying durations so you can learn with us today.


IOGP Life Saving Rules

The International Oil and Gas Producers Association (IOGP) developed this set of nine Life-Saving Rules from lessons learned across the industry to help protect workers from the risk of serious injury. Designed to eliminate potential personal and process related incidents in the workplace, this short course is a standard for our industry and one which we follow ourselves at Petrofac.

This short 20-minute course is a useful reminder of the actions we can all take to control the risk of serious injury from common activities, wherever we work.

Access the IOGP Life Saving Rules course on our SkillsVX platform now.


Right First Time

The Right First-Time principle is essential to business growth. When mistakes happen, everyone is impacted; employees are required to fix issues, businesses lose money, reputations are damaged, and clients receive poor quality and/or late products or services. Right First Time is vital to avoiding costly mistakes.

This 85-minute module teaches the impact of not getting it Right First Time, key roles and responsibilities, the importance of effective problem solving and how preventative measures can reduce cost.

Access our Right First Time eLearning course on our SkillsVX platform now. 


Human Factors 

When we think about accident prevention and when we formulate design, safety case, risk assessments and procedures, it’s clear that human factors should be our first consideration. This short, 25-minute module provides a concise overview of how human factors can affect business performance. It looks at how workforce communication enhances workforce safety, areas where human factors can be addressed and the benefits of incorporating the potential impact of human factors on the initial design of a facility.

Access our Human Factors eLearning course on our SkillsVX platform now.


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