OPEP Training Level 3 & 4 Onshore Emergency Responder Refresher UK

OPEP Training Level 3 & 4 Onshore Emergency Responder Refresher UK


Article six of the OPRC (Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co-operation) Convention 1990 sets out the requirement for operators to have in place an oil spill response system which includes equipment, training and exercises. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have identified oil spill response training requirements for the UK Oil and Gas Industry. The training is designed to ensure Operator personnel are prepared and competent to manage a response at one of four levels identified in the standard. This accredited course ensures that operator response personnel currently trained to OPEP Level 3 or 4 maintain the level of competency required to manage a response whilst capturing any updates and changes to regulatory requirements and changes within industry.


This is a participative classroom based course, which majors in theoretical input.


The following key elements will be covered through a series of lectures and practical exercises: Updates on changes in the last 3 years Opportunity to raise and discuss any issues/ challenges in real incidents/exercises over the last three years Desktop exercise


1 Day(s)


You must be within the 39 month approval period of an already existing OPEP Level 3 or 4 training course to qualify for this course.


Personnel, staff and contractors, who are emergency room managers or hold positions as advisors dealing with the response to offshore oil spills and who are required to remain in date.


Accredited by the Nautical Institute (on behalf of BEIS). Operators should note that this qualification will only be recognised within the UK and will not have any international equivalent at IMO model course levels.


Onshore Emergency Responders must undertake refresher courses at periods of three years from the date of their original certificate. Such refresher courses shall be for the duration of one day at one of the venues below.


Held at Petrofac Training Services facilities, or at a suitable customer venue.


Copy of your organisation’s Oil Spill Contingency Plan(s). Photographic ID.


Not applicable.


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OPEP Training Level 3 & 4 Onshore Emergency Responder Refresher UK

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