Offshore Installation Management (OIM) Controlling Emergencies (Assessment)

Offshore Installation Management (OIM) Controlling Emergencies (Assessment)


This course is designed to assess candidates’ competency in controlling emergencies. Assessment is based on performance during three scenarios, undertaken in a purpose-built simulator, which replicates the main features of the candidate’s own installation.


Candidates are briefed by the assessor on the OPITO approved standard performance criteria for controlling emergencies. Initially formative exercises are held on day one to familiarise the candidate and their team with the process and the simulator. Each formative exercise includes a full debriefing session. This is then followed by formal assessment exercises. The formal assessment process normally takes at least one day per candidate. If required, additional coaching days can be arranged to precede the final assessment. Assessors are all industry experts (independent of Petrofac Training Services). They are SQA accredited and follow the OPITO standard for OIM Controlling Emergencies.


In accordance with the OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies Standard, the candidate will be assessed over a minimum of three, maximum of four scenarios. These will be based upon a major incident chosen from the following: Accommodation fire Collision or wave damage causing structural collapse Explosion and fire Helicopter incident Loss of stability (mobile assets only) Pipeline incident Well control incident


2 Day(s)


Candidates must provide a formal declaration from their employer confirming that they have achieved the performance criteria in Element 1.1 in the workplace, satisfied the core essential knowledge and asset type knowledge requirements and that they have been deemed ready for formal assessment against Elements 1.2 to 1.6. A link to the relevant Element 1.1 documentation will be included in the joining instructions when your course is confirmed. It is also recommended that candidates have already completed a four day Major Emergency Management Initial Response course or similar.


Personnel who have been deemed ready by their employer to be formally assessed in the role of an OIM in an emergency.


OPITO approved certification and an assessment report will be issued on successful completion of the course.


In accordance with the current OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies Standard it is recommended that candidates are re-assessed, as a minimum every, 3 years.


Held at Petrofac Training Services premises in Forties Road, Montrose or Altens, Aberdeen.


Candidates must provide evidence that meets with Element 1.1 of the OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies Standard. Candidates must present photographic ID at the start of the course. Accepted forms are government issued photographic identification, e.g. passport or driving licence.


All candidates will be asked to complete a standard medical questionnaire prior to course commencement.


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Offshore Installation Management (OIM) Controlling Emergencies (Assessment)

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