First delegate successfully completes renewables standard with Petrofac


10 December 2020

First delegate successfully completes renewables standard with Petrofac

Petrofac recently announced that it had become the first global company to be approved by OPITO to deliver its ‘Emergency Coordinator for Renewable Energy’ course.

Since then, Wayne Sattherthwaite, a Control Room Engineer with RWE, has become the first delegate to be deemed a competent Emergency Coordinator using the OPITO renewable energy standard.

When asked what he gained from the course, Wayne explained that it provided him with an excellent practical understanding of emergency management and the stresses it can cause. He added: “All of the Petrofac instructors were excellent and are very knowledgeable in their field. Overall, I’m really pleased with the outcome as I now feel confident to take on the role of an emergency coordinator.”

Major Emergency Management Instructor, Graeme McKenzie commented: “In the short space of time since we launched the course, interest from people wanting to take part has been extremely high. We’re delighted that Wayne had such a good experience, and we look forward to welcoming more delegates to both our Altens and Montrose training facilities.”

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