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11 March 2020

Students take the plunge at Petrofac’s Survival Training Centre

A group of Aberdeen students recently paid a visit to the Petrofac Training Services Survival Training Centre in Altens to undertake a Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) awareness session.

Aberdeen university students survival training with Petrofac Training

Aberdeen University’s Society of Petroleum Engineers arranges annual visits to our Survival Training Centre for its members, to provide them with first-hand experience of the training required before embarking in a career offshore.

During the session the students undertook HUET training which is designed for people travelling offshore by helicopter to provide them with the knowledge of escape procedures such as escaping from a ditched or capsized helicopter.

Findlay Christie, Survival Marine Instructor, hosted the group and oversaw the session, he commented: “It’s always great to see how driven the students are to develop and expand their skillset. Our team always looks forward to welcoming a new group of students each year to our facility and providing much-needed insight into what they should expect if they decide to work offshore in our industry.”

One student who undertook the HUET training said: “The HUET training provided to us at Petrofac's facilities was an exceptional opportunity to gain a practical feeling of the stringent safety requirements needed to work in the oil and gas industry. It really made me appreciate the risks involved in working in an offshore environment.

“Especially thanks to the professionalism of the Petrofac team, I believe I would be able to undertake the BOSIET training ahead of starting a career offshore.”

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