Oil spills and the knock-on effects…. Are you prepared?

Oil spills and the knock-on effects

Are you prepared?

History has repeatedly demonstrated the environmental and socio-economic impacts of oil spills and the associated financial and reputational knock on effects. Being prepared for these events helps reduce the potential for escalation and therefore consequence.

Rapid implementation of fit-for-purpose response plans, supported by robustly tested response facilities and trained competent personnel, provides an organisation with the critical foundation to manage the unexpected.

Why prepare with Petrofac?

With more than 30 years’ experience, and a team of eight dedicated environmental response consultants, Petrofac Training has a proven track record in understanding industry requirements to develop bespoke solutions. This has been achieved through extensive knowledge of industry requirements, building relationships with the regulators and experience gained responding to actual incidents through Petrofac’s dedicated response facility.

What we offer

Petrofac Training provides a range of products and consultancy services to help your company prepare and respond:

  • OPEP – Oil Pollution Emergency Plans
  • Response exercises
  • Oil spill prediction modelling
  • Response capability review and audits
  • Accredited training courses:

Who we work with and where

Petrofac works with oil companies, drilling contractors and service companies.

Locations worked include: UK, Brazil, Mexico, US, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Poland, Romania, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, UAE, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Iraq, Malaysia, Thailand, Angola and Russia.

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